A&R Duty is a division of Gidioti Limited, with over a decade of working experience. Since 2009, we have developed into one of Nigeria’s most reputable (A&R) Artists and Repertoire Company in Nigeria and We’ve assisted professionals in the music business in finding new independent artists and songs from around the country.

A&R DUTY is a music-focused platform that connects A&R professionals to musicians and record labels. We are a community where you can find the tools and resources needed to succeed in the music industry, while also creating an avenue for A&Rs to get hired.

We believe that all A&Rs deserve to be paid fairly for their work and expertise, but many of them are not because they don’t know their worth or how to negotiate with labels. With A&R Duty, we’re here to help you navigate those murky waters and bring your talents into the light!

We help artists find their audience and connect with their fans, whether it’s by helping them create a song that’s right for their sound, or just getting the word out about their new album. We know how hard it is to get your song to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace; that’s why we work tirelessly to make sure your music gets heard by as many people as possible.

Why A&R Duty?

At A&R DUTY We can help you build your brand, whether you want to start from scratch or want to grow and maintain your existing brand. We can help you with planning, design, and content creation. We are also experts at social media management and marketing strategies that will help you reach your goals.

We are here for one thing, and that’s to establish REAL stars.

We’re on Duty you assigned to us!