What do A AND R mean?

As the undisputed leader of A&R (Artists & Repertoire) in Nigeria, A&R Duty is an A&R services company with a difference. Where other companies claim to be one thing and turn out to be something else, making promises they can’t keep, we are honest and respectable people who believe in quality and value for money. We are true professionals who put YOU first.


A&R is a music industry task that has been around in Nigeria but still remains unknown to a large number of Nigerians. What exactly is the role of an A&R? With the gradual take over of social media in Nigeria and the need for new music and songs, A&R becomes even more relevant within the Nigerian Music Industry.

What’s the Meaning of A&R

A&R is a term used in the music industry that stands for Artists and Repertoire. A&R people are responsible for scouting new talent, signing acts, running an established artists’ career, and they often come up with creative new ideas to keep the musicians popular. Sometimes A&R personnel get involved in an act starting from recording part of their demo recordings to producing their debut albums.


An A&R representative plays a pivotal role in the industry. An effective and professional A&R rep can find, pinpoint, and develop new artists, while shunning those with insufficient talent from ever releasing an album. Naturally, due to their importance in the business, some A&R reps earn large salaries in the seven figures, while others make small fortunes for themselves. No matter what the salary, these individuals must keep up with new music trends, listen to hundreds of albums each month, work long hours, go to many concerts and scout anywhere they think they might find the next big name.


Our Services

A&R DUTY is the only Independent A&R firm that signs and empower A&R Officer/Managers to join forces and respond to artists.

We are a team of A&R and music experts who conceptualize and execute bespoke artist development services to support our clients’ artists’ general careers, including their singles, album releases and tours. We design and develop artist strategies, target fan bases and generate public awareness.

A&R DUTY offers A&R services that are unparalleled. The services it offers include:- Signing and educating A&R. Signing, training and empowering artists for you to maximize your long-term brand success.- Acquiring and developing new talents or independent artists with their fan pages from grassroots to major online commercially successful artists. We also provide music production services to most of the signed acts we handle depending on the genre of music they are related to.- Managing your offline activities.- Promote your brand through quality digital marketing.- Sales and marketing strategies.

We can’t deny that Music is an integral part of us and has the capabilities to shape our lives.

If you’re looking for A&R Services in Nigeria, then our A&R department can help. We work with A&R and artists to produce music that gets airplay and helps gain fans. Our Music Selection Team (MSL) and A&R Department can also assist on finding producers, engineers, and even PR companies and shiz like that.

A&R Duty is a rating system that rates artists and their music on four different disciplines: Relatability, Delivery, Replay Value and Mixing. We have created this company to help bring artist development to the forefront of the modern music business and bring about a positive change in the way artists push their music.

At A&R DUTY, we know that the most effective method of identifying hits is to find songs that truly resonate with our audience. We design innovative A&R services and techniques that are proven to get us closer to pinpointing these songs. Our dedicated teams of music experts and specialists help us uncover this untapped potential in your tracks and ensure that they are positioned to hit with listeners around the world.nThe Audience must be able to relate to a song. The kind of lyrics you have in your music determines the audience that will listen to your piece. There is a correlation between lyrics and audience. A bad lyric can make listeners become bored but a good lyric gives listeners something to relate to and appreciate.

It’s one thing to have a track, or even an album that you feel represents you well. But it’s another thing to know how the music will be received by the listeners. The best way to do this is to get the perspective of someone in your target audience, and A&R services can provide that type of insight. An A&R representative can listen to your music and offer their thoughts on how popular it will be, what genre it would fit into, or several other things depending on the specifics of your project. Once you know this information, you can make adjustments based on their feedback and give your project the exposure it needs to succeed in the long run.

Are you looking to take your brand to the United States or across the world? Are you hoping to get a contract signed in Nigeria? Are you struggling with trying to find local music? Then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re facing these issues and many others, then A&R DUTY is the answer to your problems. Our team of dedicated professionals has 20+ years of experience in the music and entertainment industry. We know how to help you build your foundation and secure your future.