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Musical Ingenuity Unleashed: Firstklaz Explores the Artistic Landscape of “I Like Girls” in an Up-Close Interview

Get ready to dive into the extraordinary world of Firstklaz, the rising artist and songwriter who has been making waves with his infectious song “I Like Girls.” This visionary talent has captured the hearts of music lovers around the globe. In this exclusive interview, we have the privilege of delving into Firstklaz’s creative process, exploring his experiences in the entertainment capital, and uncovering his grand vision for the future. Brace yourself for a captivating conversation that will leave you inspired and eager to learn more about the mind behind the music. Prepare to be enchanted as we uncover the triumphs, challenges, and brilliant future that lies ahead for Firstklaz. Let’s get started!

Firstklaz Interview

Firstklaz Explores the Artistic Landscape of “I Like Girls” in an Up-Close Interview

Andrea: Hi Firstklaz, we’d love to know more about you and your preferences when it comes to the perfect night out. Can you share with us your ideal evening and the kind of company that would make it truly special?

Firstklaz: Absolutely! As an artist who values my personal space and finds comfort in quieter settings, my ideal night out reflects my innate introverted nature. Picture this: a cozy atmosphere with soft lighting, accompanied by a captivating art gallery or a serene acoustic performance. Surrounded by a select group of close friends or perhaps someone who understands my introversion, we would engage in deep conversations, appreciating the artistry and the beauty of the moment.

Whether it’s sharing laughter and stories amidst the company of like-minded souls or simply basking in the peaceful ambiance of a cozy reading nook, my ideal night out is all about nurturing meaningful connections and finding solace in the things that truly resonate with my introverted soul.

In summary, my perfect evening embraces the warmth of intimate settings, intellectual conversations, and a true appreciation for the arts. It’s all about creating unforgettable memories with individuals who understand and respect my introverted nature, allowing me to fully embrace the beauty of an ideal night out that aligns with who I am at my core. Thank you for the fantastic question!

Yeah, that’s good that’s interesting.

Andrea: Okay, so on days when you must go out because I mean it’s not something we can entirely rule out but on days when you just must go out, who would you like to go with you? Who would you take with you?

Firstklaz: Yeah, I have a friend whose name is web-plug.

Andrea: Web plug?

Firstklaz: Yeah, I like going out with him because he’s outspoken. Those kinds of people create opportunities for you. There are things I can’t say myself as an artist because it might come off as trying to brag, so I like going out with him because he says them on my behalf

Response (Andrea): I like that. I’m with you on that. I’m with you on that, everyone likes an intellectual speaker, and having that kind of person as a friend is a plus, a huge plus, and a breath of fresh air, I can’t lie.

Firstklaz: Yes, I’ve listened to your song, your music is so thrilling, and it catches my attention and the attention of the whole of A&R Duty, I can say that for sure.

Response (Andrea): Thank you.

Firstklaz Interview

Andrea: Who do you make music for?

Firstklaz: Everybody. yeah, my music is not boxed like it’s not limited to a particular set of people. I don’t like limiting myself because I feel like as humans, we can do anything we can imagine so I don’t like putting myself in a box. I try to do something everybody can enjoy.

Andrea: Firstklaz, networking plays an integral role in the art world, and we’d love to know more about your approach to it. How do you go about networking, and how does it fit into your artistic journey?

Firstklaz: That’s a great question. When it comes to networking, I believe it’s an essential part of the art world and a vital tool for any artist seeking to make their mark in the industry. For me, networking involves a multifaceted approach that encompasses both physical and digital outreach.

In terms of physical networking, I attend art events, exhibitions, and other gatherings within my community. These events provide an opportunity for me to meet other artists, art collectors, and industry professionals. By engaging with them and building meaningful relationships, I can expand my knowledge of the art world, gain valuable insights about exhibition opportunities, and build my reputation as an artist.

When it comes to digital networking, social media platforms are an excellent means for me to showcase my artwork, connect with other artists and industry professionals, and engage with a wider audience. Posting regularly, using relevant hashtags, and interacting with followers are essential aspects of digital networking for me.

Networking is not just about finding new opportunities, but it’s also about building lasting relationships. When you focus on building genuine connections, it becomes more than just a means to an end and instead becomes a fulfilling experience that helps you grow both professionally and personally.

Andrea: Your latest single “I like girls”.  It has stunned our speakers and it has kept them awake a lot. I love it. Like I said before, I love it and I’d like to ask what the vision behind the track was. And tell us who was involved in the creation of that song.

Firstklaz: Okay the vision for that song is… most times when I pick up my phone, I’m on Twitter especially.

When I scroll through, I see people trying to insult women and say nasty stuff about them. Most people saying those things have sisters, we have significant others, we have so many special women in our lives, so I don’t know if they really like the fact people say stuff about their sisters and all that. women are very special; I think they deserve better

And in the creation of that song; The producer, hit sound was the producer that made the beats, crazy and he sent it to me then I just like created a song and I told him the song was going to blow up.

Response (Andrea): And it did. That’s interesting, it’s good to know and I like the fact that you put women in front of your music. you made something for them, gave them a place, gave them a voice, gave them confidence, it’s good to have people stand up for women. it’s good it’s good, I like that.

Andrea: So how are things with you and how has the reaction been since you released the music “I like girls” what has been the reaction of people?

Firstklaz: It’s been crazy I really had to log out of my Instagram from my phone now when I’m talking to you because I mean like my phone right now, notifications from different places so I just don’t want anything to distract this special interview, so I had to log off my Instagram. It’s been crazy people really love this song.

Response (Andrea): Interesting, interesting.

Andrea: Okay, moving on, do you have a particular project coming out soon?

Firstklaz: Yeah, okay I’m the type of guy that I might decide to drop something today, tomorrow I’ll stop feeling it then the next day after tomorrow I’ll come up with different stuff altogether. So, I’ve recorded more than seven projects. As I said earlier, I’m a very boring guy so music is the only thing I do, most of the time. like I have other stuff, but music is what I give like my hundred. yeah, so I record a lot.

I have a project that’s supposed to come out soon, “invalid”, or “format”. like a pack of three songs. oops; oops is a song on its own. Invalid, this is a song on its own, format is a song on its own. Oops, I’ve recorded it, I’ve done everything, I even shot the video for oops but like I said I’m this type of person now that will do something, and I’ll change my mind so that’s the only thing holding that project for now and I have a short feel for it.

I’m saying it here for the first time. This is the first time I’m announcing the project.

Response (Andrea): Oh, great Thanks for sharing that with us Well, we’ll be very happy to listen to those songs and see what you have for us we’ll be delighted to. so please try and release it soon for us, we’re starving.

Firstklaz Interview

Andrea: Yeah, lyrically we really like your storytelling and you really let us into your current mindset which is good do you feel that writing is becoming easier for you? like over time do you think writing has become easier for you?

Firstklaz: Yeah I think so and I have always wanted to write movies and books so that’s one of the things I’ve learned a lot of like from the lyrics I learned a lot from movies like those people writing movies script writers and those people writing book authors and all that I learned a lot from their steps everything like how they break things down so I think that is helping me in my songwriting.

Andrea: That’s impressive really, very impressive. Okay, we’ve basically gone over all the questions I’ve had scheduled for you do you have any questions you would like to ask?

Firstklaz: Uh not at all. yeah, and I would like to say big ups to you guys. You are doing a great job because we artists, Artists like me need to go through a lot to get ahead so people like you make our work easier.

Response (Andrea): “Appreciate the love! ❤️👏”

Response (Firstklaz): Yeah, keep supporting Afrobeat. It would be the next great thing. It would be the new R&B.

Response (Andrea): It will. well, the plan is to grow together and with talents like you I’m sure the sky is the stepping stone. so big ups keep it up we are very impressed with everything you’ve done and what you plan on doing moving on and we do hope to keep the relationship it’s been a great time having you on it’s been very interesting, very fun I like where you communicate I like your vision and of course, I love your song so thank you very much and like I said I do hope to hear from you soon I do hope to see more stuff from you soon yeah keep up the good work keep on mastering your crafts. The sky is just your starting point. Thank you.

Andrea: Okay one more question, what do you have planned for the rest of the year?

Firstklaz: Every year, I set a milestone I want to achieve for myself. And this year, I said I want to get like 500k followers on Instagram, and on every platform earlier this year I was at 4,000 followers and this is just June and I’ve gotten to like 25k so I still believe I can get there so and I have a lot of stuff coming to a lot of work like I really want to do this I don’t want to like I said earlier I don’t want to be boxed doing stuff for this set of people I want to do global stuff I want to like I’m really going to take afrobeat global like what I said earlier.  Afrobeat is going to be like the next R&B. So, like before December I know a lot of things are going to happen and a lot of things will change.

Andrea: Definitely. You are in Lagos?

Firstklaz: Yes, I’m in Lagos.

Andrea: How has the vibe been since you got here?

Firstklaz: It’s been crazy!!! Lagos is not for the weak.

Andrea: So, what have you been up to since you got here?

Firstklaz: I have been recording. Working on more projects.

Andrea: Interesting, interesting. Okay, that’s good. That’s good. I guess we will wrap it up now. Thank you, thank you for having me. Thank you for giving us your time. I’ll leave you to enjoy the rest of your day. Enjoy your holiday. Thank you so much.

Firstklaz: Thanks for having me


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Interviewed by “Andrew Ebosetaleh Andrea”