How Do I Find Spotify Listeners & Promote My Music To Them?

Spotify listeners


If you’re in the music industry and looking for ways to promote your music, one of the best places to look is Spotify. The streaming service has more than 100 million active users who listen to music across a variety of genres and on millions of different devices. So how exactly do you find potential listeners on Spotify?

How to find potential Spotify listeners

Spotify for Artists is a free platform to discover, engage, and monetize your fans.

Spotify’s marketing tools help artists develop their fanbase by connecting with listeners on Spotify and off-platform. You can use these tools to share your music with people who are interested in what you have to say or sell, get feedback from potential customers who have already listened to some of your tracks (and maybe even bought them), and promote live events that you’re playing at through Spotify advertisement campaigns.

How to create your own Spotify listener list

If you want to create your own Spotify listener list, there are a few ways you can go about doing it.

  • Find people who listen to similar music as you. This can be done by searching through the top charts on Spotify and looking for similar artists. You can also search by genre or subgenre and see what other artists have been recommended by someone else who listens to music in the same category as yours.
  • Find people that listen to your music directly on Spotify’s website or app (you’ll need a premium account). Once they’ve listened enough times for their play history data to show up (this varies depending on how often they listen), go ahead and add them!

Where are my listeners?

Spotify has a number of ways for you to find your listeners. Spotify for Artists is a great place to start because it’s free and easy to use, but it also gives you access to your own unique Spotify listener list. This means that if someone signs up with the same email address as one of your fans and listens to their favorite song by another artist, they won’t be counted as a new listener on your profile.

You can also use tools like Uplevel or TuneCore’s Audience Insights tool–both of which can help identify new potential fans based on geographical location or similar artists that users listen too often (or not at all).

How to get your music onto playlists that attract your target audience

Spotify for Artists is a free platform for artists, managers and labels to promote their music on Spotify. The platform offers a number of tools that can help you get your music onto playlists that attract your target audience.

The Spotify for Artists app lets you search for playlists based on genre, location or even mood. You can also use it to see which tracks are being played by other users who have similar tastes as yours (or friends of friends). This is useful if you want to see what kind of new music they’re listening too so that you can add it yourself!

There’s also an online version at []( where there’s lots more information about how artists are using the service – including tips from some successful artists themselves!

Get started with the Spotify for Artists platform.

To get started with Spotify for Artists, sign up at Once you have an account, link it to your website by clicking “Link Website” on the right side of the page. Then create a playlist titled “New Music” or something similar; this will be where we upload our music and share it with fans later on in this process! Next up: add some tracks from your album into this playlist by clicking on them individually (or all at once) and selecting “Add Track(s) To Playlist”. Once all of these steps are complete we’re ready for step 3!

Reach Out to The Editorial Team & Shoot for the Editorial Playlists

As of August 2022, Spotify has over 182 million premium subscribers worldwide, which by any measure is significant, but considering that there are 11 million creators and artists on the platform, standing out and reaching them is no easy feat. Spotify playlists are one of the most effective ways to find new fans.

Spotify’s Editorial team currently run over 3,000 editorial playlists, the competition for these is incredibly tough, but if you succeed and land a placement on one of them, you will easily start clocking up 25,000 streams a day. To pitch to these playlists, you will need a Spotify for Artists profile, which will give you a direct line to the editors to send your pitches.

Pitch all new music three to four weeks in advance and explain in your pitch why your music is worth playlisting, here you can explain to the editors how you will bring users to the platform and impress the editors with details of any press, radio play, or dropping in big names such as collaborating artists and producers.

Don’t Dismiss Independent Playlists

There are some great tools out there to help you find Spotify listeners to promote your music to, including:

Playlist Supply – Playlist Supply is a search engine which gives access to independent playlist curators who charge a fee for inclusion on their curated playlists. Playlist Supply helps independent artists find the best playlists for their music before revealing the contact information for the curators. Playlist Supply also shows the number of playlist subscribers, and tracks included in each playlist.

SubmitHub – SubmitHub, a music submission site which connects artists and playlist curators. With just one click (submission), you could contact over 900+ playlist curators. The $1 – $3 submission fee is very affordable, compared to the costs of PR companies.

Groover – How do I find Spotify listeners to promote my music to? Groover is the best place to start – while SubmitHub works better on a global scale, Groover is better for artists wanting to make an impact in the European market.

PlaylistPush –PlaylistPush is a submission service that helps you promote your music to playlists with ease. PlaylistPush last for two weeks while they review your music and place them on Spotify playlists as they see fit. The platform also has an automatic notification system which pings you every time your song has been placed on a playlist.

Submit Music to Blogs

If you’re an independent artist seeking ways to gain exposure, one smart way is to catch up with the right music bloggers so they can spread the word about your music.


In summary, there are many ways to find Spotify listeners and promote your music to them. You can use the Spotify for Artists platform, search through playlists and users, or even create your own list of potential listeners by uploading their email addresses. Once you have created this list of people who like similar artists as yourself, it’s time get started!