What makes a good A&R

Good A&R

What makes a good A&R

The A&R (Artist and Repertoire) role is one of the most complex in the music industry. The responsibilities of an A&R include signing new artists, managing existing ones, advising on creative direction, and ensuring that albums are properly marketed and promoted. It might seem like a glamorous job but it’s quite challenging. And while there are no rules to follow when it comes to choosing an A&R, there are certain qualities you should look out for before deciding who gets this important position in your company or business:


A good ear is essential.

A good ear is essential to the role of an A&R. The ability to hear the potential in a song, or an artist can be a valuable asset for any label manager. It’s important to note that this attribute is not necessarily innate; it can be developed and honed by training your hearing through careful listening.

Listening carefully and critically is the best way to develop a good ear. This means paying attention not only to the sound of the music but also to its structure and how it’s put together. Most importantly, A&R reps should pay attention to what they like about a song or an artist; there has to be something that makes them stand out above all others.


An understanding of the local music industry and how it operates.

A&R should understand the local music industry and how it operates. They should know how to work with artists and producers, record labels, radio stations, online music platforms, and concert promoters. They should be able to help artists with their music videos, album artwork, and other promotional materials. They should be able to help musicians connect with local venues and festivals, as well as national tours.


Marketing skills.

Marketing skills are crucial for any music industry professional. A&R staff must know how to promote music, artists, and record labels. They should also be able to market records themselves and assist in marketing the artist’s videos and albums. An A&R must be aware of the latest trends in music. They should also have a broad knowledge of the industry and know how to spot talent.


Expertise in digital media and social media marketing.

Social media marketing and digital marketing are two skills that are essential for any label in 2018. A&R reps should be able to help their artists with everything from creating engaging content to promoting it through the proper channels. They should also know how to engage fans by listening, interacting, and responding in real-time; they need to be able to understand what motivates them as consumers so they can better sell your music.

In addition, an A&R rep should have a basic understanding of e-mail marketing and purchasing influencers (people with large followings), ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, etc., to reach more people than ever before at lower costs per exposure point (CPE).


Artistic taste.

Artistic taste is the ability to judge the quality of a song or artist. It also means being able to make decisions on what will be a hit and what won’t, as well as helping an artist grow and improve.

In addition, an A&R person has to tell when an artist is ready for the next level.

A&R is a highly competitive industry, and the best A&R people are the ones who can judge an artist’s potential. They also have to communicate effectively with artists, managers, and producers.


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A&R is an art, and those who approach the profession with a passion for music will always be better at it than those who are just doing their job. In Nigeria, A&R is a booming industry that can yield enormous rewards for anyone with the skills and determination to succeed.