How do you pitch a song to an artist?

It’s never been easier to get your music heard by a wide audience. Thousands of websites and apps can help you share your songs with other musicians, fans, and industry professionals. But the best way to connect with an artist is still through one-on-one communication. If you’re looking for tips on how to make that happen, read on!


How do you pitch a song to an artist?

Catch them live

The best way to get a song to an artist is by catching them live. They can be performing at a show, festival, gig, awards ceremony, event, or concert. Just be sure that you’re there when they are performing and make sure they notice your song. Here’s how:

    • Watch their show from the front row so that they can’t miss you
    • Put together an amazing performance of your song (make sure it has great lyrics and melody)
    • Make sure everyone in the crowd is singing along with your words because then it will look like everyone loves the music
    • Play loud enough for everyone in the audience to hear so no one misses out on hearing what wonderful songs you have written

Play your song for them at a studio

The first way to pitch a song to an artist is by playing it for them in a studio. While this is the best method, it’s not always possible because some artists work out of home studios or private studios that don’t allow outsiders to enter. If you’re lucky enough to get invited into the studio while working on new material, make sure you play your song only after they’ve had time to finish their current project.

If you can’t get into their recording space, try playing your music at another location where they usually hang out: bars/clubs (but not if they’re performing), hotels (but not if they’re staying there), parks, and other public places where people might be hanging out listening to live music.


Please send it to their A&R, manager, or producer

    • Please send it to their A&R, manager, or producer.
    • If you’ve got a song that you think is perfect for an artist and you want them to hear it, send it in the same way as if you were pitching it to a record label or publisher: private message on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, email, letter or text message (if the artist has previously given you their number). But don’t just send the song directly to their publicist or manager – they’ll likely pass it on anyway.
    • If a musician doesn’t have an A&R team yet but has already started building up some buzz through live shows/social media etc., then sending your track over might be better than trying to pitch it directly to them. It’s easy enough for anyone with an internet connection these days so there should be no excuse not to at least give this method of reaching out a shot!


Get in touch through the artist’s social media

If you have a song you think would be great for an artist, contact them through their social media. In the age of social media, it should be easy to find out how to get in touch with an artist through Instagram or Twitter. You can then send them a link to your song and see if they like it! Don’t be afraid most artists are happy when fans reach out with their music. Some artists even welcome submissions from aspiring producers looking for a chance at working together (I know I did).

Just remember that not everyone is going to respond in fact, most won’t respond at all! That’s okay though; just keep trying until you find someone who loves your music as much as you do!


Make sure your song is good

You’ve heard the saying, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” That’s true in so many respects, but especially when it comes to getting your music recorded by an artist. You need to make sure your song is good and that you’re pitching the right song to the right artist.

For example, I recently wrote a song called “Haunting” which my friend Jayme King wanted to record on her upcoming album. I sent her a copy of the demo (the recording of my voice singing over acoustic guitar) and she liked it! She said she wanted to change some lyrics here and there as well as add some harmonies in certain places. When I asked if she wanted me there when she recorded it, her response was no because she didn’t want any distractions from me being on set; however, if any changes after recording needed input from me then I would be welcome back at Studio B Studios anytime!


If you want to pitch your song to an artist, you need to be creative. This can mean doing things like sending them a demo or playing it live at their shows. Don’t forget that social media is also a great way of getting in touch with the right people!