How to make money as A&R IN Nigeria


How to make money as A&R IN Nigeria

If you want to know how to make money as an A&R or are simply curious about what it’s like, then this article is for you. I’ll share my experiences and advice on how to get started in the music industry and find ways of monetizing A&R work.

Learn the basics

What is A&R?

The term “A&R” stands for Artists and Repertoire. The job of an A&R person is to find new talent, listen through demos and records, sign acts, and make sure they’re making great music that their label can sell.

What does an A&R person do?

An A&R person might play a major role in helping artists prepare for the recording studio by coaching them on how to sing well or how to improve their performance skills in general. The role will also require attending concerts or shows where artists perform so that you can watch them put on a show and assess how good they are life (and so that you can try getting them a gig at one of your venues).

Network and build relationships

There is a saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” This applies to the music industry. Therefore, it is important to network and builds relationships with people in the industry.

You can start by getting to know people in other departments of an artiste’s team. For example, if you are an A&R (Artist and Repertoire), introduce yourself to the producer of your artiste so as to be able to understand each other better when working together on an album project. When this happens, the producer will respect your suggestions and views more than before since they would have known how much effort has gone into making them effective.

You should also try introducing yourself as someone who understands their craft well so as not to make them feel bad about themselves or afraid that there could be any conflict between you two at some point in time during recording sessions or live performances respectively!

Get involved with an artist’s career from start to finish

If you want to be an A&R, you must be willing to get involved with a project from start to finish. This means that when an artist comes to you with their music, it’s not just about signing them. It’s about building a strong relationship with the artist, helping them develop their career, and supporting their music through the process of recording, releasing, and marketing it.

How do I become an A&R? To be an A&R, you need to have a strong passion for music. You also need to be able to identify talent and have the ability to work well with artists, producers, and other people in the music industry. Finally, it helps if you understand how the business works so that you can help your artists make smart decisions about their careers.

A&R is a specialized role, so learning from an experienced A&R is a better Idea.

A&R is a specialized role, so learning from an experienced A&R is a better Idea.

  • You don’t have to go to school for A&R, but you do need to have some experience in the music business. If you are still in school, work part-time as an intern or assistant at a record label while you are completing your studies. This helps you gain valuable insights into how things work and make connections with people who will help open doors for you later on if necessary.
  • Be aware that A&R is not just about music; it’s also about relationships and networking at events like concerts or festivals where artists perform live shows (which can lead them toward signing deals with labels).
  • It’s important always remember that when working as an A&R, your main goal is not actually making money – because there’s no guarantee how much profit each deal might bring back eventually anyway – but rather building relationships so that future opportunities might present themselves later down the line (when working contracts expire).


A&R is a career path that could potentially earn you a lot of money. For this to happen, however, you must be able to develop and maintain good contacts within the music industry. You will also need to stay up-to-date with current trends in music so that you can always know what’s hot and what isn’t.

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