The Reason why Nigeria A&R Din’t get paid or don’t get What They Truly Deserve

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The reason why Nigeria A&R Dint get paid or don’t get what they truly deserve

The music industry is one of the most demanding and stressful jobs. Many artists struggle to make it in this industry because of a lack of support and patronage from the upper hand. However, these issues have been responsible for a lot of artists not getting paid or not getting what they truly deserve for their hard work and effort


So, you have been in the game and working hard but have not been able to get what you deserve. You are frustrated and angry about it. You feel like people think that your work isn’t good enough because they don’t pay for it. This can cause a lot of emotional problems for the artist if he or she is not careful in dealing with this issue.


In Nigeria, there is a total lack of support from the government. The government uses the entertainment industry as a means to make money and nothing else. There is no real incentive for them to help in any way or form because they are not benefiting from it directly.

The same can be said about the entertainment industry which has no real interest in improving the situation of A&Rs as they do not see them as important figures within their field. Most music producers simply hire A&Rs on a contractual basis but do not give them any other form of recognition or appreciation for their work.

In addition to this, most artists don’t even know who their A&R is and what role he plays in helping them get signed by record labels or studios so there’s also no real support from them either! In fact, many artists will tell you that “the label” does all the work when really it’s mostly done by your own people.”


The A&R does not get motivation from the upper hand. When you are in a company, there is always a head that you report to or at least someone who has more power than you. In music, this can be your record label or management team. If they don’t give you any guidance and direction on what they want to achieve with your project, then it is hard to motivate yourself when you have no clue where things are going or what needs to happen.

You cannot see the vision because you are not part of the team. In order for an artist to be motivated and excited about their career, they need to know that there is a clear vision for their projects and how those projects can help them reach their goals as an artist. Without this knowledge, it will be difficult for anyone on any level of production (from A&R all the way down)



The first reason Nigeria A&R don’t get paid or doesn’t get what they truly deserve is that there is a lack of knowledge. The music industry in Nigeria has been around for a long time, but you still see people who don’t know how the business works. There are so many things that happen in this industry, and if you don’t have the right knowledge about them then you’re not going to be able to survive or make any money.

To start off with, when an artist signs with a record label, he/she is supposed to sign some kind of contract with them. This contract should contain everything that both parties agreed on before signing the document; like how much the artist will be paid for each song sold and whether he/she will get royalties from sales etc… When people sign these contracts without understanding them well enough then they end up losing out on their earnings at some point because they didn’t read what was written down clearly enough during the negotiation period before finalizing terms between themselves and management which could lead to legal issues later on down the line when no one wants any problems but it’s too late now! One thing leads to another until eventually, we have a situation like this where somebody needs more than just music production skills alone:

you need to have good business skills and knowledge of how the music industry works in order to make money from it. You can’t just sign a contract with someone and expect them to pay you what they promised; there needs to be some kind of proof that you are actually getting paid for all the work you’ve done.


  • The A&R should be well cared for.
  • The A&R should be motivated and supported.
  • The A&R should be well informed on the industry.
  • The A&R should be paid for their work


So if you’re an artist in Nigeria, you should know how important it is to be motivated and supported by the upper hand so that your talent can be recognized and appreciated by many people, not just some people. The same applies to any business owner, entrepreneur, or corporate executive who wants to see their company grow and succeed.