The 10 People You Need On Your Team As An Artist

artist team

Here are the essential members you should have on your team:

Whether you’re starting a record label, running a band, or want to build a DIY music project for fun, you need to have certain team members. These “essential” team members will be there to help when all other support is gone. If you run your show and plan to release music/an album, these are the members you should find.

A&R Manager

You’ll need someone to oversee the A&R process and make sure all your artists are signed to a record deal. The A&R manager will also negotiate contracts, check budgets, and make sure everyone’s in line with their musical direction.


These are the guys who will help you make music. They can be producers, engineers, and songwriters — they all make the world go round!

A manager

A manager handles all sorts of things for an artist, from booking shows to negotiating deals with labels and promoters. They know how to run your career like a business — which means they’ll help you make more money, too!


A booking agent

A booking agent books show for bands and DJs all over the world. They work closely with managers and labels to secure dates in clubs, festivals, and other venues.

An attorney (or business partner).

A good attorney will protect your intellectual property rights and ensure that any contracts you sign are fair. An even better attorney will help you get out of bad contracts if they need it — which happens more often than most people think!

Art Director

The art director designs album covers, posters, and merchandise items. They also work closely with photographers, illustrators, and graphic designers to create promotional materials that reflect the image of your artist or band.


The publicist works with journalists from local newspapers through national magazines to help generate publicity for your music releases. This includes writing press releases and pitching stories to journalists.

The strategist

This is the person who will help you shape your strategy and plan for growth. The strategist is responsible for identifying what needs to be done next and making sure everyone is on board with the direction of the company.

The marketer

This person will help you identify the best marketing channels and strategies to reach your target audience. They’ll also help you create compelling content that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

The designer

Design is incredibly important to any business, so having someone on staff who can design engaging visuals will help your brand stand out from competitors.

The product manager

Product managers are responsible for managing all aspects of a product’s development process, including testing, releasing new features, and updating existing ones based on user feedback or analytics data.

Road Manager

This person is responsible for making sure everyone gets to where they need to be when they need to be there. They’re essentially an assistant tour manager who plans everything down to the last detail (and sometimes beyond).

Tour Manager(s)

These people make sure that everything runs smoothly on tour — from making sure hotels have extra towels for when you arrive late at night, to arranging for sound checks and transport between venues.

Tour Accountant/Bookkeeper/Business Manager (or however many titles this person has).

Someone who keeps track of all your money — from revenue streams like ticket sales and merchandise sales to expenses like flights and hotels. They also handle taxes and other financial matters related


Getting your record label is a long and expensive process that requires a lot of hard work. In the end, though, it will be worth all the work and sweat if you’re going to run your label. Your endless creativity will get bottled up into records, which may or may not sell, but that won’t prevent you from staying in the music industry for a long time to come.